Sheffield Doc Fest Fear Frenzy

I’m shitting myself. I am in Sheffield. Tomorrow I am on a panel at the documentary film festival. I have never been on a panel before. I’m shitting myself.


What If I Told You…it’s here!

So it been a long time coming and this is not the finished version. Its a bit jerky and the camera work is a bit shit at times but hey, thats why I’m hoping to go to film school to fix. Tell me what you think. If you like it why not donate a little cash money towards my film education!

click on link below.

What If I Told You… from Isis Thompson on Vimeo.

Donations…every little helps (So Please Help!)

If you would like to help me get to film school my giving me some cash/money…

I now have a Paypal account. If you would like to donate any money to me and you have a Paypal account, you can simply log into your Paypal account and click on the send money to a friend tab. Put in my email address:

and then just type in the amount you want to send me. Its really easy! Thank You so much!

Thank Goodness For That!

After waiting and sweating for ages, The National Film and Television School have given me £9,000 towards my first year! Read more »

Why Being a Subscriber is Good For Your Soul…

Because it means you are helping me look popular and important and for that I can’t thank you enough!

What If I Told You…Coming Soon

After heated but necessary negotiations over a pint of cider last night, the final contributor has agreed to let the film do what it has to do…

Just give me a couple of days to work out the tech and it will be with you, right here…

Lesson 1: Documentary Ethics and Other Mess

I’ve had a few emails from people wanting to know why I’ve not put the film up yet. Well basically as you know in the film I interview 10 people I thought I was in love with.

So for this particular interview my contributor was an ex of mine from many years previous. Read more »

Mission Impossible- maybe…

Hello team!

me and my 'fro

me and my 'fro

This is the situation at present. I am currently sitting in the IMAX cinema selling tickets for the the London Film Festival dosed up to my eyes with prescription drugs because I’m so Ill. I, however, cannot take anymore time off work because I can’t afford it.

Why can’t you afford to take time off work when you are so sick, Isis? Well because I have to raise £15,000 by the end of the year so I can go to Film School.

Yes folks, I somehow managed to bag myself a place at the National Film and Television School to study Documentary Directing. Read more »